Moms Outsmart Wrinkles with this One Weird Trick-
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Ladies, If you spend a lot of money on skin care and are struggling with signs of aging, we want to introduce you to Joanne. Joanne is a great example of a smart consumer who has bypassed health risks and avoided thousands of dollars of cosmetic procedures to erase her wrinkles, imperfections and "reverse the clock" on life.

Joanne has been a dance instructor for 21 years and married for 26 years. She has two wonderful boys in college and finally wants to focus on herself now. Typical of most families, their finances are tight. Joanne considered Botox, chemical peels, Restylane and plastic surgery. All of them come with a price - in pain, in scabs and bruises, and, of course, in dollars. Plus, as we all know, the results won't last forever (none of these procedures have the power to stop time), so in a few months or years you'll be right back where you started. Are these procedures worth it? Absolutely Not!

Joanne wanted a safe and affordable solution that would yield real results and not leave her in debt or pain. After doing some research online, she discovered a casting call for women. A leading skin care company was looking for women to try their new breakthrough product, Vivexin Instant Flawless Face. She responded and has been using the product for months. The results on this page speak for themselves.

The second picture is taken shortly after the first.
Notice the strong difference after applying the
BBCream / Instant Effect in Vivexin  

"I felt so much more confident that I don't actually have to have plastic surgery, because I really was thinking about having BOTOX injections" - Joanne

After finding Joanne’s shocking success story, we wanted to share it with our readers wanting to look years younger, erase their wrinkles and "reverse the clock" without spending a fortune. This miracle solution has not only reduced her wrinkles, but also tightened her neck and face instantly and has truly changed her life and we hope it can change yours too.

The Solution:

And now, her trick revealed! Joanne discovered that the secret is that Vivexin Instant Flawless Face uses Clinically Proven instant wrinkle erasing properties and anti-aging BBCream imperfection coverage with SPF 40 for a flawless, smooth, younger looking finish. It's perfect!

Creating this youthful look only takes her 90 seconds! Sure, BB Creams are all the rage right now, but most are simply cheap concealers that do more harm than good. Then you have the Vivexin Instant Flawless Face which contains the highest quality anti-aging, anti-wrinke ingredients and was the 2013 Winner of Best Foundation Product at the She Knows Beauty Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

The incredible Vivexin BB Cream conceals imperfections, provides SPF 40 sun protection, and nourishes skin with deep moisturizing for long term improvements, but what's even better is that it's combined with Clinically Proven Instant Effect which contains ingredients that immediately start to tighten your skin to make you appear years younger. A full 100% of women who try this product claim their wrinkles were significantly reduced. It targets the area around the eyes and brow line where most wrinkles appear. Using state of the art firming ingredients, skin tightening crystals, moisturizing agents and anti-aging vitamins gently pull the skin tighter while smoothing wrinkles. 97% of women saw results within 90 seconds after using this product! Combined to create the miracle breakthrough of 2013 known as Vivexin Instant Flawless Face.

Their Story & Shocking Results:

"I have to admit I do tend to jump on the bandwagon and I have tried countless anti-aging wrinkle creams. Unfortunately, the results were never as good as I wanted them to be. The BB Cream was so smooth and cool. An absolute delight. It made me feel pretty and also protected from the sun. I use this product everyday now." -Risa*

Risa is another woman who responded to the casting call and now takes advantage of the risk-free trial. She now uses the Vivexin and the results speak for themselves. Now you can try these exact same products for less than $5 today!


This picture shows Risa before using Vivexin

Risa was in desperate need of a quick solution to remove all imperfections and transform her look from fair to flawless! You can visibly see Risa's before picture to the left and pinpoint every last imperfection on her face -- from freckles, dark circles, to her visible wrinkles and fine lines. Shortly after applying the product, it looked like every last wrinkle on her face was tightened and pulled. During the application, Risa was excited to look in the mirror to see her incredible transformation from this product...


WOW! Risa clearly looks years younger and flawless. She was absolutely SHOCKED by the drastic results of Vivexin

Risa's after photo's are absolutely incredible. As she sat in front of the camera posing for her new photos, you can barely recognize that it's the same woman. She went from the "average girl next door" to a stunning superstar in just seconds. Her instant transformation came simply using Vivexin. At the end of the day, Risa was so excited to see her own before & afters... you could almost see a tear in her eye and watch as she tries to hide her huge beautiful smile.


This picture shows Joanne before using Vivexin

"My biggest concerns are my frown lines, the wrinkles around my eyes and the lines that are forming around my mouth.. .my whole face. I kept covering it up with makeup, I've tried so many different products like creams, fillers, concealers, and nothing seemed to work" During her final interview, Joanne said; "I felt so much more confident that I don't actually have to have plastic surgery, because I really was thinking about having BOTOX injections, but now with Vivexin, I feel like I don't need it anymore" - Joanne


After using Vivexin Joanne couldnt stop smiling and laughing at her incredible new face. Here is what she said:

"The Vivexin makes me feel so much more youthful, I feel confident as it just instantly erases the lines right away. I recently went to my 30-Year High School Reunion and used Vivexin and people told me that I look like I havn't even aged. It was a wonderful feeling and gave me a lot of confidence. I feel so much younger and am ready to go out on the town... I love it... I love it! I know that I can instnatly take the wrinkles away if I want to go out and look good or if I have a special event I want to go to." - Joanne


Like us, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this anti-aging secret but you need to find out for yourself; the results are undeniable if you use this product. After taking advantage of this risk-free trial to turn back the clock and vanish wrinkles with a smooth complexion, we would love to hear about your story and also provide you with a complimentary product.

Follow the link to the risk-free trial of Vivexin and know that you are getting a quality product that work to try for 30-days. The cream comes with a 100% customer 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee. With the discounted shipping costs you’ll be on your way to smooth skin for under $5 for both! But hurry! This Risk-Free trial product won’t be available forever!

Note: Limited Trials Available. 200 Max Risk Free Trials Available Today. Thursday, May 28, 2015

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From: Encinitas, CA, USA
Age: 55-64
Skin Type: Combination
I am beyond amaized at how wonderfully this Vivexin Cream product works! I have moderate acne scaring and this product improves the appearance of my skin texture dramatically while moisturizing and protecting from the sun, I have also noticed my skin looking firmer, less fine lines, smaller pores and even improvment of the acne scaring as well.

This is all I use now! It is my cover up, foundation, sunscrene and moisturizer all in one!
Pros:Effectiveness, Instant Results, Visibly diminishes appearance of lines, Ease of use, Tightening, Fast-Acting, Moisturizing, Smoothes, Intensive.

Yes, I recommend this product.

From: Cranberry Township, PA
Age: 55-64
Skin Type: Dry
Vivexin Cream has replaced my Clinique and Lancome moisturizers and foundation. I love it! My skin feels soft and even though it only takes a small amount, the coverage provided is great. I was concerned about using it around my eyes, but haven't noticed any sensitivity in this area.

Pros: Effectiveness, Visibly diminishes appearance of lines, Ease of use, Moisturizing.

Yes, I recommend this product.

From: North Carolina, USA
Skin Type: Normal
I just wish I could buy a JUG of this stuff! I've tried MY products, not only crows feet but, I'm a smoker and have the lines above my upper lip, I also have the line between my eye, like on my forehead, I guess from frowning. Nothing had worked!! With Vivexin, you can ACTUALLY WATCH IT WORK!! It totally shocked me, I thought well ok but, I'll have to reapply all day...NO, I put it on about 10am and at 7pm it was still working!!!! PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING THIS HX90 PRODUCT. A MUST HAVE!!!

Pros: Instant Results, Visibly diminishes appearance of lines, Ease of use, Tightening, Smoothes, Intensive, Effectiveness, Fast-Acting.

Yes, I recommend this product.
people are amazed!

From: Western AU
Age: 65+
Skin Type: Combination
I am very happy and amazed at how wonderful the Vivexin creme is. Having used another face lift creme of another brand and for 19 years which I had great success with have found this new one even better what more can I say many people complimented me on having good skin which i do have but like every thing if its not taken good care of goes will not stay good. My age is 67years old people are amazed when i tell them how old i am seeing is beliveing.

Yes, I recommend this product.
There is definitely a difference!

From: Katy, TX, USA
Age: 45-54
Skin Type: Normal
Have been using Vivexin for about a month and I can see slight results. The product goes a long way. I've been using it on my neck, face and concentrating on those deeper lines above my upper lip. They are looking better and slightly diminished, I think I should see more results after using the product for several more months. I love that it is not tacky, absorbs quickly and my makeup goes over it easily. It doesn't feel thick or heavy at all.

Yes, I recommend this product.
BB is the best!

From: Detroit, MI
Age: 25-34
Skin Type: Oily
I've been intrigued by BB creams for a while, so I had high expectations for Vivexin's version. Let me just say that all my expectations were met and then some! This Vivexin Cream evens my skin, helps it stay matte (crucial for someone with oily skin like me), and helps smooth/cover fine lines and pores... yet it feels light and totally breathable. I'm completely in love with it. I left it at my boyfriend's for a week and noticed a huge difference -- I will never leave the house without it now. The SPF is just icing on the cake. I love feeling protected from UV rays every time I leave the house. The medium shade works well with my relatively fair skin, and I don't know that I'd want anything much lighter.

Pros: Effectiveness, Instant Results, Visibly diminishes appearance of lines, Smoothes, mattifying, high spf.

Yes, I recommend this product.
try this stuff!! it works!! love it!!!

From: California
Age: 54-64
Skin Type: Oily
I've been a Vivexin user for 1 1/2 years now...and have friends, sometimes even strangers, ask me what I am using on my face! My skin looks great, and I LOVE this product. I never thought I'd be doing this, singing the praises of a product...I've always been suspicious of glowing "customer reviews"...Well, I'm a real, ordinary person, and if you are skeptical...TRY this stuff!! It works!! LOVE IT!!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

From: Oklahoma, USA
Age: 55-64
Skin Type: Sensitive
I have been struggling to find a tinted moisturizer I liked with a high enough SPF, and this product simply delivers. Vivexin Cream goes on so smoothly, looks absolutely natural and flawless, and with an SPF of 40 and anti-aging properties there is really no reason (for me) to continue using other department store brands I had been a slave to. I am definitely a convert and LOVE this product.

Pros: Effectiveness, Ease of use, Fast-Acting, Moisturizing, blends in easily.

Yes, I recommend this product.

From: Fairhope, AL, USA
Age: 35-54
Skin Type: Normal
I received a sample of Vivexin in the mail. I put it on half of my face, on my forehead, my crows feet, the line from my mouth to my nose and around my mouth. In a couple of minutes I could see a difference from one side of my face to the other. A big difference. It really works!!

Pros: Visibly diminishes appearance of lines.

Yes, I recommend this product.
it really does work!

From: Manalapan, NJ, USA
Age: 55-64
Skin Type: Dry
Frankly, at age 63 I was very hesitant to believe the claims. But I became an immediate fan of Vivexin after the first use. I couldn't believe the great results! It really did tighten away my crows feet and fine lines. I even tried dabbing some on my Jowl line and cheeks and I swear it looked like I had my face lifted! I kept looking in the mirror totally fascinated. Who even thinks about plastic surgery now? Not me! I have Vivexin!

Pros: Effectiveness, Visibly diminishes appearance of lines, Ease of use, Tightening, Fast-Acting.

Yes, I recommend this product.
makes my skin look great!

From: Australia
Age: 35-45
Skin Type: Combination
I have only been using Vivexin for a couple weeks now and my skin is looking great, better than it has done in about 15+ years. I have a more smoother look, peaches and cream texture and even skin tone, I have also noticed an improved feel, it feels more firm, and the smile lines are gone! I need the eye care range now! Enjoying this product!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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